Business Excellence

Lean Six Sigma driven management system

Your Questions:

  • How do we increase process efficiency and effectiveness?
  • How do I demonstrate “Business Excellence” to stakeholders?

What you should look at:

BTP LeAd Services for Process Improvement

Establish a management system using good practices, standards and automation tools to achieve measurable maturity enhancement and business benefits.

Process management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, report and improve processes with the goal to meet customer requirements profitably.

Process Management is an aspect of organizational development (OD) in which a series of actions are taken by a process owner to identify, analyze and improve existing business processes within an organization to meet new goals and objectives, such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs and accelerating schedules. These actions often follow a specific methodology or strategy to encourage and ultimately create successful results Process improvement may include the restructuring of company training programs to increase their effectiveness.

Process improvement is also a method to introduce process changes to improve the quality of a product or service, to better match customer and consumer needs

Focus is to reduce variation and/or waste in processes, so that the desired outcome can be achieved with better utilization of resources.

Good Practices / Standards: Lean Six Sigma, Establishing ISO based Management System, ISO 9000, ISO 18000, ISO 14000